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What Fall Fashion Looked Like the Year You Were Born

What Fall Fashion Looked Like the Year You Were Born

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As summer comes to an end, particularly as strange as 2020 has been, one of the only things that brings solace is the arrival of fall fashion. But our ideas about what constitutes as style for the season have evolved over the decades. Take a look back at the trends that have stood the test of time plus the ones that made briefer appearances.

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In 1950, Audrey Hepburn was still three years away from winning an Oscar for her breakout role in Roman Holiday. But that didn’t stop her from sporting this printed fall ensemble for a fashion spread.

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French designer Jacques Heim favored pleated coats and skirts for his autumn collection in 1951.

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Likewise, Christian Dior employed a fuller skirt silhouette in his fall 1951 collection. The early ’50s often saw a fall ensemble completed with a coordinated hat or headpiece.

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Actress and singer Edie Adams opted for high-waisted, black denim with a checkered top during her October 1952 photo shoot alongside her pet Boston Terrier.

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Once again, Dior’s fall collection favored boxy coats and distinguished headwear.

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Two junior league models showed some September skin by pairing their high neckline tops with skirts and shorts, as opposed to longer wool coats.

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Before you mistake this for another standard coat-and-hat ensemble, consider that Givenchy’s fall and winter collection took a major risk. The drawstring design at the top and bottom of the velour coat made for an eye-catching aesthetic choice.

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This was the year that Grace Kelly became Princess of Monaco after she married Prince Rainier III. Here, she wears a burgundy velvet hat and slate gray suit for a November trip from the United States to France.

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Designer Nina Ricci’s fall collection got creative in the details of this fall fashion staple.

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Towards the end of the decade, designer Guy Laroche reinterpreted the wool coat trend (somewhat) by raising the waistline and adding fringe detailing to the front of the dress.

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Actress Jane Russell sported a chic airport look as she departed from London, decked out in a fur coat, ornate hat, and several bracelets. Is this why it’s called a runway?

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The ’60s brought a major cultural shift away from the conventional. Brigitte Bardot brings that mentality to her fall fashion, including a long fur coat, patterned stockings, and modern bangs.

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October 1961 saw the release of Breakfast at Tiffany’s, thus revolutionizing the little black dress for any season. Audrey Hepburn dons the iconic LBD for one of the film’s promotional photos.

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Actress Sophia Loren accessorized her look with an ascot around the neck, adding a modern twist to a classic ensemble.

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Designer Norman Norell took traditional elements, including wool and plaid, and constructed a three-piece outfit. A cape and fuller pants, as opposed to peacoat and skirt, gave this look a modernized twist.

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Julie Andrews, poolside in November, wore capris and a casual high-collared blouse for a free-spirited ensemble.

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If loving Barbra Streisand’s leopard print trench with a slit down the side is wrong, who would want to be right?

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Jane Fonda’s newsboy cap, braids, and mod dress (with pockets!) give her fall look a playful vibe.

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In the late ’60s, British supermodel Twiggy set the tone for much of the decade’s street style. In this hooded dress, alongside Jenny Russell and Diane De La Roche, she brings the mod movement to the forefront.

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Emilio Pucci embraced the mod and hippie trends of the decade with his fall line. Goodbye plaid, hello prints.

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By the end of the ’60s, coats were shorter and no longer exclusively wool or argyle. Hair was taller, belts abundant, and leather boots entering the fold. This progression is on full-display in Dominique Chombert’s fall/winter collection.

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September 1970 saw the arrival of an iconic TV series and its ultra-stylish star. After The Mary Tyler Moore Show premiered, every “career woman” had a closet full of menswear-inspired trousers and were ready to toss a beret into the air at a moment’s notice.

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Cardin’s ready-to-wear collection showcased looks such as this oversized plaid skirt and matching cape, styled with a high-waisted belt.

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Olivia Newton-John’s all-white leisure suit brought effortless fall flair as she walked around London.

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The linen power suit continued to gain traction in Saint Laurent’s ready-to-wear collection.

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Givenchy gifted the world with this red snakeskin leather jacket, outfitted with a red fur trim, along with matching hat and gloves. This streetwear would certainly make…a statement.

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Just a year shy of this former couple’s film collaboration A Star is Born, Barbra Streisand and Jon Peters are delivering peak ’70s style with a beige-laden outing.

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Faye Dunaway’s turn as a high-power news woman in Network earned her an Oscar—and a place in the pantheon of of fall fashion inspo.

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Jerry Hall walked the Yves Saint Laurent show in a red velvet leisure suit and beret, as a printed ascot draped her right shoulder.

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Diane Keaton has always been known for raising the bar of menswear-inspired looks. Here, she channels boyfriend Warren Beatty in a corduroy suit. (Are they wearing the same belt?!)

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