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Couples are more likely to divorce amicably if they're worth $5 million or more, says a divorce attorney

Rich American couples who have about $5 million are more likely to have an amicable divorce, says one divorce lawyer. This insight comes from writer Lauren Vinopal’s exploration on Fatherly of why the upper middle class — dubbed “the fighting class” — fights the most about money. Couples fighting about money is nothing new.

One of the biggest Nintendo bull's on Wall Street says shares could soar 80% even if Switch sales are flat

One of Wall Street’s most bullish Nintendo analysts raises his forecast for the video-game maker’s stock price. Nintendo will launch mobile-game Dragalia Lost, Switch Online and 1P Switch games soon and gain China market share. Jefferies, one of the biggest Nintendo bulls on Wall Street, says shares of the Japanese game maker could soar 80% — even if Switch sales are flat.

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