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Bank Branches Are Closing At A Record Pace. Here’s Why JPMorgan Chase Is Opening More

Lower-income communities often become “food deserts,” areas where supermarket chains decide they can’t or won’t do business–leaving residents without reliable sources for good groceries. That situation has an equally unhealthy financial parallel: A town or neighborhood can become a “banking desert,” with no branches where borrowers can turn for business loans or mortgages. Banking deserts […]

What Incentives Has Your City Offered Amazon In Its HQ2 Bid? Chances Are Your Own Officials Don’t Know

Add to cart to see price? Local politicians might wish they had that option in some of the cities bidding to host Amazon’s second North American headquarters. Indianapolis, Austin, and Montgomery County, Maryland, are among the twenty Amazon HQ2 finalists, but the bids are a mystery even to city officials, the New York Times reports. […]

Hedge Fund Billionaire Steve Cohen Is Spending Big to Help Veterans. Why Are People Angry?

This article is a collaboration between Fortune and ProPublica, a nonprofit investigative news organization. At a House hearing last year on post-traumatic stress disorder, a private organization showed up with an ambitious plan to help suffering veterans. The Cohen Veterans Network was opening a chain of free mental health clinics across the country, backed by […]

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