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Help Others, Help Yourself: How Employee Volunteerism Can Build a Better Workforce

This month, a group of eight Twitter, Salesforce and Adobe employees will trek to Malawi–where nearly 10 million people live on less than $1 a day–to support CARE learning centers for adolescent girls. I’m excited for them, as many of the volunteers are about to have a life–changing experience. Professionals in the tech industry are […]

Bank Branches Are Closing At A Record Pace. Here’s Why JPMorgan Chase Is Opening More

Lower-income communities often become “food deserts,” areas where supermarket chains decide they can’t or won’t do business–leaving residents without reliable sources for good groceries. That situation has an equally unhealthy financial parallel: A town or neighborhood can become a “banking desert,” with no branches where borrowers can turn for business loans or mortgages. Banking deserts […]

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