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Star Wars: Squadrons gameplay gets revealed at EA Play for Not E3

Star Wars: Squadrons gameplay gets revealed at EA Play for Not E3

Electronic Arts revealed the first gameplay of its upcoming space-combat game Star Wars: Squadrons. The publisher revealed the vehicule-based battler following leaks last week. Now, during its EA Play event as part of “Not E3,” it finally showed it in action.

Star Wars: Squadrons is launching October 2 for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 for $40. At that budget price, Squadrons includes a single-player campaign, but the focus is on multiplayer. For the narrative, you get two pilots that provide opposing perspectives on the story. One is a New Republic pilot. The other is a pilot for the remaining Imperial forces. As a member of the New Republic’s Vanguard Squadron, it’s up to you to mop up the Imperial fleet.

Squadrons also supports VR in every mode.

And now, we know more about what the game actually looks like.

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The game has eight ships. These include fighters like X-wings and TIEs as well as bombers and more. You can, of course, customize your ship. This includes cosmetic improvements, but you can also build your own weapon loadout as well.

Once you have your vessel, you can take it into battles where you must work together with your squad to win. This includes modes where you team up with either other people or computer-controlled teammates to take on waves of enemies. Or you can hop into the team-versus-team multiplayer.

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