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Katherine Langford explains why she didn’t attend filming for the ’13 Reasons Why’ finale

Katherine Langford explains why she didn’t attend filming for the ’13 Reasons Why’ finale

13 Reasons Why star Katherine Langford has revealed why she wasn’t able to attend filming for the final episode of the Netflix drama.

Langford’s character Hannah Baker does appear in the show’s finale, but via the producers adapting footage from an earlier episode.

Now, Langford has said that she was too busy filming for another Netflix series Cursed to show up for the last shoot. The actor also revealed that she still hasn’t finished watching 13 Reasons Why despite starring in it.
“I think I was still filming Cursed, so I wasn’t able to go in and shoot anything,” she told Digital Spy. “It’s funny because I haven’t fully seen season three or four – but I’m making my way through season three and watching season four now that that chapter’s closed.


She continued: “I’m really proud of everyone in the cast, and we’re still really tight. In many ways, I already know what happens and I’m just so proud for them. Closing that chapter was such a special part instilled in all of our lives.”

Cursed, which re-imagines the legend of King Arthur through the eyes of Nimue, a character played by Langford who goes on to become the mythical ‘Lady of the Lake’, airs on Netflix next month.

Meanwhile, the fourth and final series of 13 Reasons Why, was criticised for a controversial plot twist when it was released earlier this month.

After starting the season by teasing viewers with a flash-forward to a mystery funeral, it eventually transpires that the victim is Justin Foley, played by Brandon Flynn.

Foley is a recovering heroin addict, and dies after contracting HIV, which develops into AIDS. The show also sees a doctor suggest that his needle usage and time spent as a sex worker, both while homeless, were to blame – adding to the heavy criticism drawn from viewers.


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