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Fans react to ‘Ju-On: Origins’ horror TV series: “I’m gonna get traumatised again”

Fans react to ‘Ju-On: Origins’ horror TV series: “I’m gonna get traumatised again”

Ju-On: Origins, the first TV iteration of the Ju-On franchise, has landed on Netflix – and fans have taken to social media to share their reactions.

The six-part Japanese series, which is a franchise prequel (also to The Grudge films released in the US), is described in press material as based on the “true events” that served as inspiration for the original story about a cursed house in Toyko.

Previous films in the Ju-On franchise followed the Kayako and the Saeki families’ experiences with the haunted house. The new series Ju-On: Origins spans the decades before the families move in, showing other people’s contact with the spooked space.


Among the seemingly horrifying episodes in the new TV show is a man who murders his pregnant wife by cutting open her womb. Another episode shows a gruesome rape.

“These events were discovered to be centred around one particular house. But what really took place was far more horrifying than anyone anticipated,” reads part of the series’ synopsis.

Fans eager to get stuck into the new six-part horror series have shared their initial thoughts. One fan wrote on social media that they already regretted re-watching the six episodes, while another wrote: “Hold awnnn [sic], ju-on series now on netflix. i’m gonna get traumatised again<3.”


Another viewer referred to the Ju-On franchise as their “happy place”, while another said they found the series to be “confusing”.

They wrote: “So I finished ju-on: origins in one sitting. And it was okay? I guess. It’s confusing the more you get to the ending. Like i suppose i was getting something cleared up, but no i am still confused AF. There’s no closure, just various unexplainable murders and possessed(?) people.”

Others reported being “scared shitless” while another said the show had put them off eating.

Ju-On: Origins is part of Netflix’s growing investment in foreign language content, marketed as its first Japanese horror original.

Earlier this year a reboot of The Grudge was released. In a two-star review, NME’s Olly Richards said it was a “cliché-stuffed remake” that “has zero new ideas to scare us with”.


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