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90+ Black Creators, Influencers, and Tastemakers to Follow Right Now

90+ Black Creators, Influencers, and Tastemakers to Follow Right Now
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One of the best ways to support Black people right now, in addition to shopping Black-owned businesses, is to elevate Black voices and creators on social media platforms. We all know how a platform like Instagram can change peoples’ lives and encourage entrepreneurship. However, most of the top fashion and beauty faces we see across the grid are white. I often hear from non-Black people, “There are no top influencers who are Black.” And to that, I pose, have you ever thought it’s perhaps because you actively hit the follow button for only white influencers? It’s time to diversify your Instagram feeds with inspiring Black activists, style icons, tastemakers, beauty mavens, and every creative in between. Ahead, 90-plus gems to get you started.

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1 Temiloluwa Otedola

2 Gabi Fresh

4 Ebonee Davis

5 Jourdana Elizabeth

6 Mecca James-Williams

7 Precious Lee

8 Imani Randolph

10 Leomie Anderson

11 Micaela Verrelien

12 Kristen Noel Crawley

13 Aysha Sow

14 Laëtitia Kandolo

15 Isabella

16 Nana Agyemang

17 Latonya Yvette

18 Amy Sall

19 Nneka Ibeabuchi

21 Amanda Frezar

22 Georgia Medley

23 Mariama Diallo

24 Kellie Brown

25 Grace Mahary

26 Onyi Moss

27 Dana Nozime

28 Salem Mitchell

29 Laurise McMillian

30 Torin Ashtun

31 Janelle Marie Lloyd

32 Hereith Paul

33 Tamu McPherson

34 Monroe Steele

35 Madisin Rian

36 Gabrielle

37 Danielle Prescod

38 Amy Juliette Lefevre

39 Candace Marie

40 Aurora James

41 Shiona Turini

43 La’Shaunae Steward

44 Memu Conteh

45 Aube Jolicoeur

46 Melodie Monrose

47 Delanique

48 Tatiana Elizabeth

49 Claire Most

52 Flex Mami

53 Sami Miro

54 Brooke Devard Ozaydinli

55 Nikki Ogunnaike

56 Gabby Prescod

57 Shelcy & Christy

58 Vashtie

59 Kimberly Drew

60 Naomi Elizée

61 Nyma Tang

62 Lee Litumbe

63 Natasha Ndlovu

64 Diarrha N’Diaye

65 Maya Alenaa

66 Carly Cushnie

67 Sira Kante

68 Freddie Harrel

69 Chidera Eggerue

70 Sunita V

71 Brittany Packnett Cunningham

72 Ericka Hart

73 Rachel Cargle

74 Cleo Wade

76 Sarah Diouf

77 Rajni Jacques

79 Samia Hamps

80 Patricia Bright

81 Tiffany Reid

82 Zerina Akers

83 Ade Samuel

84 Coco Bassey

85 Asiyami Gold

86 Manna McLeod

87 Tennille Murphy

88 Brittany Hampton

89 Mamé Adjei

90 Amaka Hamelijnck

91 Elaine Welteroth

92 Aminatou Sow

93 The Parisienne Noire

Contributing Editor Chrissy Rutherford is a contributing editor at HarpersBazaar.com

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