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Are you tired of spending thousands of dollars a month in advertising only to discover a dismal Return-On-Investment (R.O.I.)

If you answered yes, we have something extremely important to share with you that can save thousands each and every month in advertising costs.  Please read on…

Simply put, provides advertisers a cost-effective method to supplement to their primary advertising without worrying about Cost-Per-Clicks (CPC), Cost-Per-Impression (CPM), Click Fraud, or internet users researching a specific topic only to include your advertisement as part of their study that ultimately costs you financially.

Luckily, we have an inexpensive solution that eliminates those possibilities by charging a flat-fee for UNLIMITED traffic in about 15 minutes by following a few simple steps.

How it works came up with an affordable solution that leverages the power of many to achieve maximum placement by inserting thousands of industry-targeted advertisements throughout the internet using Pay-Per-Click, Affiliate Programs, Banner Advertising, and Email Campaigns to name few. In return, businesses that advertise on will receive UNLIMITED exposure and clicks from customers throughout the “GLOBE” for a nominal fee bypassing traditional ridiculously expensive advertising costs.

3 Easy Steps

  1. Create an account by providing a valid EMAIL ADDRESS, USERNAME and PASSWORD
  2. Select a membership option that fits your budget
  3. Create an eye-catching listing that clearly explains your product and/or service
NOTE:  When creating a listing, if you provide all of the required information requested, your listing will be organically positioned and indexed throughout the World Wide Web thus increasing your companies’ popularity amongst your competition.  At which point, your listing is Search Engine Optimized (S.E.O.) without having to modify the contents of your website. 

Valued at $20,000 but offered as a FREE service only available to our members.

Understanding Advertising

Next, we researched 5 categories on Google, Bing and Yahoo! to find the average cost advertisers pay for “Placement” with a minimum of 100 clicks per month. Amazed by the results, we created a comparison chart below as a visual representation of the problem.



Average Cost Per Click

Cost Per Month


Credit Repair

 100 clicks @ $24 each




 100 clicks @ $22 each




 100 clicks @ $15 each




 100 clicks @ $16 each




 100 clicks @ $24 each




As you may already know, there is a direct correlation between the amount of money spent on advertising and the immediate exposure derived from it. In other words, if you are willing to spend thousands if not millions of dollars each and every month in advertising, you too can compete with the top businesses in the world.

FACT: The majority of successful businesses dedicate an entire division solely for advertising with hopes of increasing their Return-On-Investment but very few succeed.

Unfortunately, a growing number of these businesses are failing miserably and forced to seek assistance hoping to maximize profits while adhering to the budget. In addition, most of the “third party” advertising companies require a significant introductory fee to show your “commitment” and a non-negotiable recurring monthly contribution for at least a year only to fall short of expectations by over pricing, over promising, and under delivering.

Let’s face it, there are NO realistic ways to guarantee placement on search engines without being black listed, consequently banned, or paying costly advertising fees until now!

To prove our success, please click any of the links below the "View Results" column and notice where the listing ranks amongst our competitors.


Search Term
View Results
Total Results
denled dental supplies
Bad Credit Mentor
Ambrosia Restaurant
ncognito - massage, nutrition, fitness

* Individual results may vary depending on search term, competition, and relevance.

Getting placement is extremely important and worth thousands more than we charge, so imagine your company in the exact position for your specific business or industry.  What is it worth?

Now that we understand the problem, let us work together on a cost-effective solution today.

We encourage you to compare our membership options below and decide which fits your budget. Then, create an account and let us prove to you advertising should not force you into bankruptcy.

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