1. Bachelor’s degree with emphasis on business administration, public administration, construction management, engineering, or related area (Master’s degree preferred).
  2. Extensive work experience as an administrator in increasingly responsible leadership positions in one or more of the following areas: facilities design, facilities management including maintenance of the physical plant, and capital projects procurement and construction involving institutional / commercial projects within a large school system or other comparable entity/organization.
  3. Ability to understand and oversee compliance with public school laws and Florida Department of Education (FDOE) Rules relative to facilities management, capital projects procurement and construction, and regulatory requirements governing educational facilities and properties.
  4. Demonstrated experience in supervising, motivating, developing, and coordinating the activities of management level staff.
  5. Demonstrated experience in identifying needs for new and existing school and ancillary facilities and coordinating capital improvement projects to accommodate present and future student enrollment.
  6. Ability to collaborate with District and School­-based Administrators on matters related to facilities management.
  7. Evidence of strong conceptual, analytical, organizational, collaborative and management skills, as well as demonstrated leadership ability.
  8. Demonstrated ability to work with diverse groups, and effectively communicate, both orally and in writing.
  9. Demonstrated ability to prepare comprehensive, easily understood reports, and to make effective 
presentations on such to governing bodies and the public.
  10. 1Knowledge of current computing technologies and software applications appropriate to the position’s job 


  1. Provides overall supervision and advises the Chief Operating Officer, Superintendent and the School Board on matters relating, but not limited to, facilities management including maintenance of the physical plant, planning and construction.
  2. Directs the daily operations of departments under charge in designing and delivering programs and services that ensure provision of safe, healthy and institutionally sound environments for the instruction of students.
  3. Supervises the work of appropriate Administrators and evaluates staff performance accordingly.
  4. Manages the development and implementation of long­-range educational facilities plans and construction of District facilities.
  5. Serves as a representative of the Superintendent for various Board advisory committees.
  6. Attends PTA and other community meetings, providing information regarding the functions and 
responsibilities of facilities and grounds construction and maintenance, energy management operations, 
environmental conservation and security, and school concurrency.
  7. Prepares comprehensive, easily understood reports and makes effective presentations to the public.
  8. Oversees the District’s sustainability programs and initiatives.
  9. Functions independently as a decision-­maker within the guidelines established by the School Board and 
the Superintendent.
  10. Establishes department policies and objectives in conjunction with department staff, then assigns and 
supervises staff for the attainment of those objectives.
  11. Maintains communication with the FDOE and other appropriate organizations, associations, government 
agencies and school districts regarding existing, new and pending laws, regulations and codes with 
regard to the impact of such on the District.
  12. Models collaborative planning and shared decision-making with school centers and departments to 
facilitate and provide a process for improved communication regarding meeting needs of students, 
parents, the community and other stakeholders.
  13. Supervises the selection, development and evaluation of Division personnel.
  14. Works collaboratively with Division, area and school-­center personnel, business and community leaders 
and organizations and educational institutions.
  15. Represents the District on various public and governmental committees.
  16. Builds working relationships with key business and community leaders and organizations.

Performance Effectiveness Criteria:

In addition to the employee being responsible for each of the performance responsibilities listed herein, annual progress will be assessed with respect to support and achievement of the District Strategic Plan and associated applicable scorecards.

Additional Job Functions:

  1. Follows adopted policies and procedures in accordance with School Board priorities.
  2. Conducts oneself in the best interest of students, in accordance with the highest traditions of public 
education and in support of the District’s Mission Statement.
  3. Performs other duties as assigned.

Salary Level: S11

01/13; 08/13; 01/16; 12/16
FLSA Status: Exempt
Capable of lifting/carrying 20 lbs. and occasionally up to 50 lbs.; some physical activity required.

Contact: Lisa Mead 561-357-7573